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Artist Barbara Bussolari
Artist Barbara Bussolari

Barbara Bussolari spent most of her childhood in Europe and the Far East and is now living in the mountains of western NC. She is a mixed media artist known primarily for her hand-woven doll sculptures, which reflect early multi-cultural influences, as well as images, colors, and designs she has gathered during recent travels. Her work has a very ethnic flair.

She believes that every plant and animal possesses a unique essence, which is interrelated with the lives and spirits of others. Each of her one-of-a-kind pieces embodies fragments of the spirit of mankind. Using found objects, she is embedding memories of the past in the present.

She has been experimenting with hand papermaking for over a decade, studying the art of Korean Joomchi and even traveling to Madagascar to learn the process of creating Antaimoro paper. In a recent trip to Ghana, she worked with sugar cane papermaking.

Barbara’s award winning work can be found in many publications, including 500 Handmade Books, 500 Handmade Books Vol.2 and 1000 Artists' Books. Her work can also be found in galleries in the Southeast, and in private collections in Japan, Europe, and the United States and was included in the 2009 American Craft Council Southeast Spotlight.

Demos, Classes, and More:

Barbara is also available for demos, classes and private lessons. For additional information, please contact her at:

(828) 389-4168 or via email info@barbarabussolari.com

You can find Barbara's works at the following galleries: